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Debunking Common Property Tax Myths

Welcome to the pilot of 'The Property Tax Show' where myself and Tax Specialist Alex Norian From Property 118 will be debunking common myths and misconceptions from all areas of property tax. If you have something you want to be covered in a future episode, simply comment below.

The Property Tax Show is dedicated to covering all your tax queries and concerns to make your investing easier and leaving you with more profit. The Property Tax Show is made in association with Property 118, the tax specialists.


00:00 | Introduction

01:12 | Meet Alex Norian

02:55 | Why Do You Need To Have A Property Company?

08:15 | Why Not Just Have A Singular Property Company?

16:20 | How Can Furnished Holidays Lets Be Vatable & A Trading Business?

19:40 | What Clarifies A Lease As A Short Term Or Long Term Let?

24:23 | What Is A Group Company & When Would This Be Implemented?

Property 118 Website: https://www.property118.com/tax/

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