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Protect Your Wealth In Property In 2021

In turbulent times its more important than ever for property investors to protect their property wealth through effective tax planning. For this, an understanding of smart companies or family investment companies is essential to mitigate inheritance tax and provision for the next generation.

Contents of this video:

  • Headwinds on their way for property investors
  • The legacy planning & inheritance tax problem for property investors
  • Smart Company structure for legacy planning
  • Legacy planning case study for Mum & Dad with two kids
  • Benefits of using discretionary trusts
  • Why its beneficial to build a property portfolio in a smart company structure
  • Profit extraction from the smart company
  • Disadvantages of LLP's compared to a smart company structure
  • What to do with property wealth already built up in 'unsmart' companies?
  • How Property118 can help you set up this structure for your family
  • Wrap-up and 'the big reveal!'

Consult with Property118 regarding setting up a smart company structure: https://www.property118.com/tax/ 

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