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Programme Elements

An overview of how you will benefit from being part of this exclusive group

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A Message From Ranjan Bhattacharya

The Commercial Mastermind Programme Elements

The Commercial Mastermind Programme is designed from the ground up for experienced property entrepreneurs instead of beginners. It's designed to take your property business to the next level. There is - quite simply - nothing else like it. If you have an entrepreneurial spirit and you have already made a good solid start on your property journey, then the Commercial Mastermind Programme is for you.

There are eight elements to the Commercial Property Mastermind Programme. Each element is there for its own specific reason, but importantly, they complement one another, they reinforce one another, and they create an environment where knowledge-transfer is friction-less and automatic... an environment where feedback is quick and where you can share your successes and minimise your failures.

These eight elements of the Commercial Property Mastermind Programme provide the framework upon which the Mastermind system is taught. In my corporate career as a Management Consultant I have run mentoring programmes in FTSE100 companies and have been running property investors mentoring programmes since 2005. We've had plenty of time to refine all the elements of the Programme, and we think we've got it down to a fine art.

All eight elements of the Mastermind Programme are designed to help you fast-track the implementation of commercial property investment and development strategies taught by Ranjan.

Element #1 
Commercial Property Investing Brain Transplant

Once you’ve signed up to Mastermind, there’s no sitting back, kicking your feet up, and waiting for the Programme to begin - one of the key features of a successful Mastermind group is that the members must be on the same collective wavelength.

Only then can you really start pushing the boundaries as a group.

You may have already attended Ranjan's commercial property workshop in the past, but this 8 module course will act as a valuable refresher and includes updated content tailored for current market conditions.

Not doing so would be doing a disservice to both you and to the group. It is the first fundamental step to a high quality Mastermind group

Element #2 
Your very own "Mastermind Group"

The Direct Benefits to You:

  • We will meet 10 times a year, monthly except for August and December. The meetings are held on a week day during normal business. This is a business meeting which takes place during the business day. (If Covid-19 restrictions apply, these meetings will take place online by video conference)
  • The focus is on supporting you to achieve your property goals; and to discuss what your issues and problems
  • This is not a networking event (although you will network and meet like-minded people.) At these meetings you will receive mentorship and support, guidance, tips, insider secrets and resources worth much more than the cost of the programme
  • The group acts more like a 'non-executive board of Directors' for your property business; a privilege and a benefit normally only available to larger corporations
  • In a short time you will get to know, like and trust other members of your Master Mind Group. As this happens joint venture property deals will no doubt be done between Master Mind group members. This will be actively encouraged and you will be provided with the support you need to make your joint venture deals
  • You will benefit from my network and my personal mastermind group. I will bring to meetings specialist experts in everything from property development, tax, financial planning, legal, commercial finance and so much more

Celebrating deals done at a recent Mastermind Meeting. Joanna completing on the purchase of a pub and Srini & Devi celebrating completion of a purchase of a former bank building 

Element #3 
Two Private Group Coaching Calls Each Month

We hold two video coaching calls each month, which are scheduled in between our monthly meetups. These two group coaching calls are as follows:

  • Accountability Call:  This is designed to ensure you keep on track and I help you clear whatever 'blockages' you encounter. 
  • Mentoring Call: This acts as a valuable ‘extra meeting’ where unresolved issues can be properly addressed. Its an opportunity for you to ask me questions 1-on-1, but also allows you to listen in on others' questions. This follows on from our philosophy that questions should be asked openly within the group, and not in private. This way everybody's learning goes up exponentially.

In reality Mastermind group meets every three times each month, helping accelerate your progress.

Element #4
One-To-One Strategy Coaching With Ranjan

Mastermind members benefit from one-to-one strategy coaching calls directly with Ranjan. Each member benefits from one one-to-one strategy coaching session per quarter. Members use these sessions for business advice, strategy validation, to give the once over on a deal, help solve project blockages or anything else to keep you powering ahead.

Element #5
Members Only Private Discussion Forum

It's like having your very own board of advisers…on steroids

We have a private member’s discussion forum group where you may post questions and talk to each other at any time between meetings. And, of course, I will be weighing in with our answers to questions so that everyone may benefit.

Do you want to ask the whole mastermind group something but just forgot to ask it at the last meeting? Or just thought of something in the middle of the night? Just post it on the private, mastermind-group only, discussion board.

I encourage everyone to download the app onto their phone and contribute to discussions during otherwise dead-time, throughout the day. I contribute and answer questions on a daily basis and encourage other group members to do so also.

Think of how much more insight, advice and creative suggestions (maybe even future partnerships) you'll get from the ENTIRE group -- a room full of "Masterminds" -- responding to your questions!

It is unlike any other forum you've ever frequented online, because it is a vetted, select group of high-calibre individuals all on the same page as one another. It also doesn't suffer from any of the problems of public online forums... trolls are non-existent and threads do not descend into character attacks, because we all know that we're meeting up next month and have to look each other in the eye!

The best bit? We don't start the forum afresh at the beginning of a new Mastermind cohort. It means you have plenty of questions and answers by Masterminders, past and present. A veritable archive of expert opinion, almost every possible question related to property investing has already been answered, and they're all available at your fingertips.

Questions and answers aside, it is also a great resource to put out the feelers on deals you find. Your Mastermind group can help you confirm your gut instincts, or warn you away from potential pitfalls. This solidarity can be just as important as specific answers to specific questions.

Element #6 
Friday 'Zoom' Coffee Morning

The 'Zoom' coffee morning. is just that. Every Friday at 11am we we grab a cup of coffee and get on Zoom. There is no agenda. It's an opportunity for yo to ask any question or run any idea or deal past me for a second opinion.  


Element #7
Access Recordings Of All Meets Any Time, Any Place Anywhere

There is a lot going on each month: One full day session, 2 group coaching calls and weekly Zoom coffee morning Q&A's.

Yo may not be able to make each of these meetups and you will certainly want to listen again to some of the discussions. 

You will have exclusive access to recordings of all sessions via our online access portal. We even provide you with a mobile phone app so you can playback any session, anytime, anywhere!

Element #8 
Baker Street Property Meet - Mastermind VIP Member

There is a lot going on each month: One full day session, 2 group coaching calls and weekly Zoom coffee morning Q&A's.

Many of you will know that Ranjan hosts the Baker Street Property Meet which is the UK's largest property investors networking event where 300 property investors meet to network, in Central London each month. Ranjan is pretty well connected in the property industry and attracts the best and most knowledgeable industry experts who come to share their knowledge at these events. 

As a Mastermind VIP member you have priority front row seating (in what is always a busy room) and Mastermind VIP members get to ask their questions to our guest speakers first. You will also have online access to professionally recorded videos of over 50 talks from 50 leading industry experts.

Our Mastermind members tell us that attending the Baker Street property meet is essential for networking and building their contacts. It also serves as a reference point. The Mastermind programme is a 'hot-house' of commercial property learning. When your peer group are all growing and learning at a rapid pace, you only appreciate how far you have come when you interact with 'regular' property investors at these meetups.

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