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£2 Million Leasehold Property Investment

Dianna Galambos Pitches for £2 Million to develop offices into residential flats using permitted development. With such a large investment from the Angels, is Dianna's deal a good project or an expensive disaster? Find out as our 5 Property Angels break down the deal.

Property Elevator is a tv show where property entrepreneurs pitch for funding to five Property Angels; Ranjan Bhattacharya, John Howard, Helen Chorley, Nicholas Wallwork & Paul Mahoney.

Season 5 of Property Elevator begins filming on September 6th & 7th. If you have found a cracking property deal, which you need funding for, come and pitch it to the Angels on the Property Elevator show. As well as funding, you will also benefit from having a highly experienced Property Angel as your business partner. To apply to be on a show, complete the application form here - 

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