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A Message From Ranjan Bhattacharya

The Commercial Mastermind Programme is designed from the ground up for experienced property entrepreneurs instead of beginners. It's designed to take your property business to the next level.

Commercial property is a very exciting place to be right now. In the UK we have a massive over supply of retail and office premises and a desperate shortage of housing. Meanwhile the Government has introduced whole swathes of new permitted development rights which allow commercial property owners to re-purpose defunct commercial buildings. This is a goldmine opportunity for savvy property investors and this is the only mastermind programme to fast-track you through to taking first mover advantage of this unique opportunity.

There is - quite simply - nothing else like it. If you have an entrepreneurial spirit and you have already made a good solid start on your property journey, then the Commercial Mastermind Programme is for you.

There are Eight Elements to the Commercial Property Mastermind Programme. Each element is there for its own specific reason, but importantly they complement one another, they reinforce one another, and they create an environment where knowledge-transfer is friction-less and automatic... an environment where feedback is quick and where you can share your successes and minimise your failures.

These Eight Elements of the Commercial Property Mastermind Programme provide the framework upon which the Mastermind system is taught. In my corporate career as a Management Consultant I have run mentoring programmes in FTSE100 companies and have been running property investors' mentoring programmes since 2005. We've had plenty of time to refine all the elements of the Programme, and we think we've got it down to a fine art.

Is This You?


You have already made a solid start on your property journey.

  • By now you will either be close to quitting your day job, be full-time in property or already have an office and employ staff. You may have a rental property portfolio or be a property developer or a blend of both. You may have focused largely on residential property opportunities;
  • You probably find that when you go to property events and network with other attendees, you quickly discover that you are among the most experienced 10% of property people in the room;
  • While sharing your knowledge with newer property investors is always beneficial, you probably secretly crave for a more select group of peers who, like yourself, are a little further on in their property journey.

You are ready to take the next step up from 'standard' residential Buy-To-Let:

  • You are passionate about property. You enjoy the thrill of finding great property deals and making them happen. You get a buzz from creating significant capital value in a property deal simply by applying your own knowledge, skills and contacts. But thanks to increased regulation, acquiring residential BTL property, is simply not fun any more!

You are ready for Ranjan's mentoring and support to help you accelerate your results in commercial property investment and development:

  • Capitalising on new permitted development rights allowing the simplified re-purposing of commercial buildings either to residential use or to alternative commercial uses;
  • Commercial property buy-to-let 
  • Maximising returns from your SIPP/SASS pension by investing and developing commercial property

If this sounds like you, then the Commercial Mastermind Programme is for you.

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