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7 More Of Your Most Asked Buy To Let (BTL) Mortgage Valuation Questions

Buy To Let (BTL) Mortgage valuations in 2022, this is part two of a two-part series where Akhil Mair, from Our Mortgage Broker, and I answer 13 of your most asked buy to let (BTL) mortgage finance questions. This episode has 7 questions dedicated to buy to let mortgage valuations so stay tuned.

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00:00 | Introduction

 00:54 | Has there been a change in mortgage valuations in recent times?

02:47 | What is the difference between an HMO valuation and a regular valuation?

 08:36 | What are your rights to appeal a mortgage valuer's decision?

10:33 | Is it possible to get 3 comparable commercial HMO valuations?

11:25 | What are the key differences between a commercial valuation and an HMO valuation?

 13:21 | What particular property professionals should investors be engaging with?

16:50 | Do you see new property investors investing in education first?

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