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How to join Ranjan Bhattacharya's exclusive 12 Month Commercial Property Mastermind Programme For Experienced Property Investors 

Application Process

We have just two places available on the Commercial Mastermind Programme for those looking to join during summer 2021. The application process is as follows:

  1. Register your interest below
  2. Complete the short questionnaire
  3. Schedule an initial phone call with our Mastermind Programme Coordinator to determine whether you are right for the programme and the programme is right for you.
  4. Schedule a one-to-one Zoom interview with Ranjan.

Places on the Commercial Mastermind Programme are limited. You will be offered a place on the Commercial Mastermind Programme, provided:

  • Ranjan believes he can genuinely add value to your business;
  • you have the 'fire in your belly' to take the appropriate action; and
  • subject to space availability.

Yes Ranjan!

  • I want the kind of accelerated success enjoyed by members of the Commercial Property
    Investors 12 month Mastermind programme
  • I would like to apply for a place on the Programme
  • I would like to arrange a 20 minute free consultation to discuss my business plans going forward and my application to join the programme: